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Which Car Would Jesus Drive?

Recently, I had a difficult decision to make. My faithful 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan finally sputtered its last, making it necessary to replace the car. I am not a fan of change. I like the familiar, the ordinary and the comfort of routine. Now, here I was checking newspaper ads and making multiple trips to used car lots.

Summer's Last Fling

It’s that time of year when lakes are crowded, family reunions abound, cars jam the highways and airlines are packed with travelers. It’s Labor Day weekend – the last fling of summer!

Marvelous Mentors

I am a lucky woman! Besides having a wonderful mother, an older sister and two grandmothers as excellent role models while growing up, I had mentors – godly women who cared about me and shared their knowledge, time and skills.

Thank You

When a soldier in full dress uniform walked across our church lobby, he definitely caught my son’s attention. Jay is in awe of those who serve our country and wanted to meet him. The young officer, Lt. Col. Greg A. Kent of the U.S. Air Force, had read the scripture before the pastor’s sermon on Memorial Day weekend. Like Jay, I also wanted to meet him – to thank him for his service to our country during this time of crisis. For giving up a comfortable lifestyle in order to go to a war torn count

The Flyin' Jenny

Growing up on a farm during the fifties, I never lacked for creative, outdoor play. There were barns and feed bins to explore, haylofts to jump out of, ponds for fishing, and acres of trees and pasture to roam.


Once upon a time I had a daughter. She had long black hair, dark brown eyes and olive complexion. A petite child, Paula came to live with us when she was nearly four years old. Abandoned by her birth mother, she was placed in foster care for six months then handed over to us, her adoptive parents.
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