A COVID Christmas

Posted on December 1, 2020

Louise Tucker Jones

Last year, I planned to spend the month of December at a private residence in Bella Vista, Arkansas, near my oldest son and his family. The house was ready. Aaron even had a Christmas tree set up to welcome his mom and little brother. 

But while I was packing my car, I lifted a heavy box and turned at just the wrong angle and suddenly pulled something in my back. And of all things, I did much the same with my shoulder. The pain was excruciating so travel was postponed for a few days. 

I immediately started ice and heat. I rested. I planned. I prayed. But the pain continued and I knew it was impossible to make the drive. Reluctantly, Jay and I spent Christmas at home. 

In January, I started physical therapy with expectations to make the Arkansas trip in the spring then spend the whole summer in beautiful Bella Vista. Then COVID-19 hit. No trips. No visits. Nothing but isolation.

Summer came and went, and I saw pictures of friends on Facebook taking vacations, even with COVID restrictions. I admit I was envious. I wanted to do the same, but I have been entrusted with the care of one who is fragile. My son, Jay, has congenital heart disease and a compromised immune system. And admittedly, I’m a “senior.” And now, it’s December and COVID counts are exceptionally high. So it looks like we will spend Christmas at home again this year. 

But I’m certain this situation did not take God by surprise. And though I long to visit my mother, who just turned 104 years old, as well as my out-of-state grandkids, I trust the Lord with His plans and His perfect timing. No matter where I may be this holiday season, I will sing Christmas carols, hang stockings, help Jay decorate the tree, wrap presents, bake cookies and display the sacred Nativity. 

And when the hallowed eve is silent, I will write a letter to my beloved, late husband, as is my custom, and give thanks to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate on this holy day called Christmas.   

Wishing You A Blessed Christmas!

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