Great Expectations

Posted on July 27, 2017

When I was growing up, my dad would often say, “When they dropped a bomb on Japan, one was dropped at our house, too.” He was referring to my birth. Yep, first part of August and you can guess the year. I’ll also let you guess why he considered my birth an explosive event.


Daddy was always my fan. He loved my open, fun, curious nature. My mom preferred normalcy. One year in junior high, our class discussed having a girls’ wrestling match for our school’s annual fall festival. Daddy loved the idea and could hardly wait to watch his little girl. Not my mother. She put her foot down the minute the idea was mentioned. Evidently, so did the other mothers because it never came about.

But I did play basketball from the time I was in grade school through my senior year and even some intramural sports in college. I also kept my grades at top notch, pleasing both of my parents.


I have learned that words and expectations in a child’s life are important. I never considered my father’s words derogatory. He meant it as a compliment to my outgoing personality. And when my teachers expected more than average from me, I worked hard, wanting to make sure they had reason to continue such expectations. When my church asked me to accompany a group of grade school girls to an overnight camp as their counselor at just 16 years old, I accepted the challenge, excited that parents trusted me.


Children often live up or down to what is expected of them, especially from the adults in their lives. They need positive words and encouragement.


Louise Tucker Jones with sons Aaron and Jay

As a mother, I have had the awesome privilege of parenting both typical and challenged children. I tried to encourage each child in his own unique strengths and abilities. I messed up plenty, but something certainly turned out right. I have two amazing sons. And nope, there were no bombs dropped at their births. Just bountiful, beautiful blessings from the Lord.


Aaron and Jay—Love you beyond the beyond!


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