Jay’s Birthday Celebrations!

Posted on April 4, 2022
birthday boy

April is my son, Jay’s birthday month. We’ve had lots of celebrations through the years—45 to be exact. Being as Jay has Down syndrome and severe heart disease, which could not be repaired, doctors told us he would probably never live into his teens so we tried to make every day special, especially birthdays. And thankfully, doctors were wrong. 

When Jay was young, he always had a fun birthday party at school then came home to a celebration with our family. As he grew older, family celebrations became even more important. Feeling like we hit the miracle mark on his 21st birthday, we had a huge party and even visited with Jay’s cardiologist, who admitted he never expected to see that milestone.  

When Jay turned thirty we decided another big birthday bash was in order and asked Jay how he wanted to celebrate. His request shocked his dad and me. Jay’s favorite thing at that time was a daily trip to Sonic for a Coke. And for his 30th birthday, he wanted a limousine to pick him up and take him to Sonic for that Coke. He got it!

Talk about fun. When the limo pulled up, Jay was ecstatic and as the driver rounded the Sonic drive-thru lane, Jay called out his order as if he had been raised in the lap of luxury. What a moment! 

After his trip to Sonic, Jay took a special ride with his brother, Aaron, and then was ready to stay home and open presents. However, we had the limousine rented for a few hours so all the guests got a ride. One group would pile into the limo and ride around for a while then the next group hopped in for a fun neighborhood tour. It was like a pony ride with everyone at the party getting a “limo treat.” 

Another one of Jay’s birthday parties took us to Tulsa while others took us to Arkansas, where Aaron lives. It was there that Jay ended up at a concert where the band sang “Happy Birthday” to him. He loved it! Then there was the year that he had triple parties in three different locations. 

Jay has definitely had some fun birthday parties, but the pandemic slowed celebrations and in the last few years, he has had some major health issues, even being in the ER last year on his birthday. 

So what will we do this year? Haven’t figured that out yet, but we will definitely celebrate. Whether it’s at home or away or simply doing FaceTime with Aaron’s family, Jay will party!

As for me, I count every day with Jay a miracle! I thank God daily for this precious son who makes me smile, laugh and enjoy life. Jay’s unconditional love for others amazes me and his perseverance inspires me. He sings and dances to the Lord daily while throwing kisses to his daddy in heaven. What a gift! 

Happy Birthday, my sweet son! Love you more than you know!

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