Mama’s Makeover!

Posted on May 1, 2024


After my father died, my mother would often spend a few weeks in our home. She loved sitting near the fireplace in the winter and relaxing on the deck in the spring, enjoying all the flowers in bloom. Sometimes she would cut roses for her room then relax in a rocker and watch TV.

But Mama also liked to socialize and was extremely meticulous about her appearance, especially her hair, having a weekly appointment at her hometown salon. So of course, I became her beautician, rolling and styling her hair.

One day I asked if we could do a makeover on her, similar to a popular TV program. She laughed, wondering why she would do that. After all, she was in her late 80s and perfectly content, but she agreed. And though Mama was already lovely, I thought this would be fun.

We started with a more fashionable hairstyle, taking pictures along the way. Then came makeup. Mama wore a little lipstick and face powder. I added some foundation and a smidgeon of eye makeup along with lipstick and blush. She looked beautiful!

When she saw herself in the mirror Mama couldn’t believe her eyes. I grabbed a pretty scarf and wrapped it around her neck and asked her to pose. Oh my, she loved it! She even changed clothes and we took more pictures. She definitely felt pretty.

Soon after that my siblings and I gave our mother a huge 90th birthday party. And though Mama enjoyed the makeover at my home, she preferred her “natural” look for the party. I understood, but since I was in charge of decorating, not only did I place framed pictures of Mama at different ages
on every table, I also made sure her “makeover” pictures were among them. They were definitely a hit!

My mother is now in heaven and I sometimes sit in my guest room remembering the roses she cut and how the room always smelled of her cologne when she went home. Then a framed portrait sitting on the dresser catches my attention and brings a smile and a memory. Mama’s magnificent makeover picture!


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