Memories of Jay!

Posted on April 1, 2024

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It’s my son’s birthday. The second since Jay went to heaven. I’ve been anticipating this date, wondering how I might honor him. Jay had a phenomenal personality and was incredibly loving but also fun and joyful. Let me tell you a few “Jay” stories. 

Years ago, my late husband, Carl and I taught a Sunday School class for children with special needs, including our son, Jay. One day a sweet little girl was wheeled into the room. Katie couldn’t walk or talk so Jay decided to take charge. He made sure Katie had anything she needed, hugging her gently, watching over her like a big brother, even wheeling her into the sanctuary. They developed a forever friendship. 

In the same way, Jay and his grandmother bonded over and over through the years, especially after my dad died and she came to stay with us. Jay embraced anyone who was sad or fragile. Mama was both, but Jay drew her out with hugs and laughter. They snuggled together with family photos then laughed while watching WWE Smackdown on TV. He was her light in grief and became her joy. 

But oh, there were many fun times. Once Jay and I visited a little church in Arkansas. Not knowing anyone, we found seats toward the back with Jay sitting on the aisle chair. He was excited when they carried the American and Christian flags down the aisle. To Jay, the flag represented his dad in the U.S. Army. After the pledges and prayer, the flag bearers marched toward the back. 

As they passed our row, Jay gave them a thumb’s up and disrupted the silent congregation with “Good job!” The gentleman behind us chuckled aloud. Having already witnessed Jay’s hearty singing, he leaned forward and said, “I hope y’all come back.” 

Music, dance, and worshiping the Lord were definitely Jay’s happy places. 

He loved home, family, birthdays, Sonic Cokes, neckties and fun road trips. Jay was, and always will be a true gift of love and I am so thankful that God chose me to be his mother. 

Jay Jones, my sweet son, your memory lives on forever! 


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