New Year~New Beginning

Posted on January 1, 2022

In these years since my husband went to heaven, I have fallen in love with classical music. Songs that Carl learned to appreciate years ago in a high school band, but were never my choice of melodies. So now I have to wonder if Carl, in heaven, has grown to love my favorite Elvis music. I also wonder what he would have done had he known that I would play a special Elvis tune at his funeral. Yep, I did! It was a song that expressed our deep love for each other and Carl would have definitely remembered the lyrics. Sacred words that we shared through hundreds of letters and anniversary cards. “I love you more today than yesterday but less than tomorrow.”

But a January column is supposed to be about New Year’s resolutions and celebrations, of which I am sadly lacking. I admit to always staying up past midnight to see the New Year in and toasting it with a bubbly glass of Ginger Ale. Not extremely exciting, but in truth, Carl and I celebrated many New Year’s Eves at home. Here’s a little picture of our “early” years. 

Dating—I was in college in Tahlequah and Carl was working in Tulsa. 

Engaged—Me in Tahlequah and Carl in Basic Training. 

Married—Yep, still in Tahlequah with Carl Overseas-U.S. Army.

First Year Together—Very pregnant, throwing up day and night.

First Year Parents—You get the picture. 

We learned to celebrate wherever we were, in whatever circumstance. The Covid-19 pandemic caused everyone to do much the same. But thankfully, many will get together this year with friends and family or gather downtown for the festivities. Some of us will still be extra cautious and isolate a little longer because of loved ones with compromised immune systems. 

However you celebrate, remember the One who gave you this time together with the people you love so dearly. Resolve to love them “more today than yesterday,” just as my late husband and I resolved in our marriage. It’s a New Year, a new beginning. Let’s make it a great one! 

Happy New Year! 

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