November Prayer

Posted on January 18, 2018

I’m not sure how it happened but autumn slipped in without me realizing it. I was still enjoying summer when leaves started falling from trees and my son, Jay was struck with a knee injury. 

Jay woke up to severe pain and a swollen knee. I assumed he twisted it, which had happened before, and expected him to use a walker for a few days then be back to normal. 

Didn’t happen. Too painful to even stand. We hit the ER at McBride Bone & Joint Hospital where he was prescribed rest, elevation, ice packs, compression, meds and so forth. 

By day four, with Jay still unable to walk, Mom decided to entertain, digging through stacks of games. Jay rolled his eyes but humored me with a card game. However, he gave me that “Really, Mom” expression when I pulled out the Cracker Barrel peg puzzle. Yep, I knew that games were over!

And so it went throughout the month. Pain and boredom can actually coexist. Jay’s saving grace was a daily trip to Sonic for a Coke, using a wheelchair to get from house to car. It took a full week before he could even use a walker, and even longer to walk independently. And just when we thought the injury was well, it hit again. Now you see why fall caught me off guard. 

But now, I’m anxious for November to usher in Thanksgiving, which always reminds me of family reunions and food feasts of turkey, dressing and scrumptious desserts. Love those memories and still share a meal with family on this holiday. 

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This month also announces my mother’s birthday. We had her grand, centennial celebration last year—picture of us included—with tons of friends and family attending. So this will mark 101 years for my sweet mama. I’m sure she will expect some festivities, and we will definitely have a cake but limit those candles. 

So here’s my November prayer. May God grant a full and speedy recovery for my son, Jay. A very happy birthday for my mother. And a blessed, bountiful Thanksgiving for all of us. 

Happy November!

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