Sweet Memories

Posted on February 1, 2021

Sweet Memories

Tonight, as I fixed a cup of hot tea—my evening calm—the aromatic smell brought back a memory of yesteryear. I was sixteen years old and in the hospital for the first time ever. Pneumonia. When asked what I wanted to drink for my evening meal, I requested tea, picturing a tall glass of the golden liquid since my mother often served iced tea at home. However, what came on my tray was a small silver pitcher of hot tea along with a cup and saucer. I didn’t even know people drank hot tea. Coffee? Yes! But tea! 

Mama wanted me to send it back, remembering the medicated, warm tea she was given as a child, but I decided to walk on the wild side and try the new brew. So, for a full week I drank hot tea. It wasn’t my favorite beverage back then, but tonight as I relaxed with my nightly cup, I had to smile at the memory of the naïve, young girl I was in the early 60s, on the verge of womanhood. 

Growing up in a small farming community, I attended a little country school in a two-story stone building with the same friends for 12 years. We played basketball and took fun class trips. There were hayrides, horseback riding and gathering wild roses along dirt roads to decorate the gym for our high school graduation. 

Summer nights I would often lay my pillow on the open windowsill beside my bed and watch the moon and stars while dreaming about the future. After graduating with only 18 students, I was shocked at the large college campus, but then came the fun of meeting new friends. Dating. Falling in love over and over before finding that special guy who turned my heart upside down the minute we met.  

I eventually had a life full of love with my husband and children. But sometimes, on melancholy nights, I like to reminisce on those carefree days of my youth and the beautiful memories of my late husband, Carl, and me when we were just young, college sweethearts. 

Wishing you sweet memories and a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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