That Ain’t Normal!

Posted on January 1, 2021

When I was in college, I spent summers working at my uncle’s restaurant in San Marcos, Texas. I also lived with my relatives, and since my aunt was close to my older sister’s age, we developed a strong kinship. Being the mother of three little boys, Fleeta was starved for adult conversation and loved hearing about college life. I especially liked talking about my boyfriend but also loved telling her some fun stories just to get her reaction. 

Once, I told her about a couple at school who got married secretly but never spent a single night together for weeks because they wanted to tell their parents first and just couldn’t find an opportune time. Fleeta looked at me in surprise and said, “Now Lou, that ain’t normal!” I laughed and agreed. 

Then, there was the girl in my dorm who barricaded herself in her room one night and even called the police because her dad threatened to come take her out of school when she told him she was going to marry her 60-year-old professor. Yep, Fleeta’s mouth dropped open and she exclaimed, “Now, that ain’t normal!” 

It was so much fun to tell her stories, and I had plenty to tell. We also loved to shop and would sometimes get the giggles over something and have to leave the store. Fleeta and I still laugh over those crazy days when we get together by phone for a long conversation about yesteryear. 

And sometimes, I wonder what we would have done had someone told us back in the “60s” that one day we would experience a worldwide pandemic where people had to wear masks in public or stay home for fear of the deadly virus. I’m sure we would have denied that possibility with Fleeta saying, “Now, that ain’t normal!” 

And no, it isn’t normal, and I’m praying that ‘2021’ will bring an end to this pandemic and get our lives back to a semblance of normality. And if you are making resolutions this year, you might resolve to find a friend like Fleeta. Your life will definitely be blessed. 

Have a Healthy and Happy New Year! 

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