Which Car Would Jesus Drive?

Posted on April 7, 2010

Recently, I had a difficult decision to make. My faithful 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan finally sputtered its last, making it necessary to replace the car. I am not a fan of change.  I like the familiar, the ordinary and the comfort of routine. Now, here I was checking newspaper ads and making multiple trips to used car lots.

Knowing my trusty Caravan was terminal, I had done research and knew exactly what I wanted–a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country Touring Van with power everything—seats, windows, doors and hatch.  Several things were optional but a power hatch was non-negotiable. Without that I walked away.  Too many times on speaking events I stood in the rain holding an umbrella with one hand, dragging out books with the other then trying to reach overhead and pull down that hatch without getting deluged in a downpour. A power hatch was a must!

Color was also optional, though I admit to being partial to gold and burgundy. However, I did see a cream-colored van that really turned my head and was disappointed to find it was already sold.  That’s when I realized I needed supernatural help to find the right car so I prayed that God would send the perfect car for me. Now you have to understand that I pray about everything, even parking spaces at the mall. I figure nothing is too great or too small to pray for.

Even so, it was a little surprising when a salesman told my husband they would be getting a gold Town and Country in that very night. Wow! God was working quickly. But the car didn’t arrive that night, the next day, or even the next so I hit the Internet and found a maroon van right in town. Not only did it have power everything, but it had CD/DVD players and a navigation system.  It even had a sunroof, something I didn’t know I wanted until I saw it.  It also drove like a dream and had a beautiful, rich bronze sheen to the maroon color.  I was smitten!

Then it happened. The other car arrived. And though it wasn’t gold, it was a shimmery silver and had the identical package as the maroon car, right down to the power hatch and sunroof. What to do? I liked them both and wondered why God would send me two cars to choose from when he knew I had trouble making decisions. I prayed some more.
Finally, one night I remembered the “What would Jesus do?” bracelets that were popular a few years back and said to my husband, “Well, I guess I should just ask, ‘Which car would Jesus choose?’”  Without missing a beat my son, Jay quickly replied, “Red!”  I didn’t even know he was listening. “You think Jesus wants the red (maroon) car?” I asked. “Yep!” he responded, wearing a huge smile.

Well, since this child has been known to see and talk to angels, I figured he had clout, so I signed the papers on the maroon van. We’re now driving it on our daily trips to Sonic, so if you see us be sure to honk and wave. We love showing it off. After all, according to Jay, it’s the car Jesus would choose!

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